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2021 Spring Programs

Lancaster Clinic 

Tuesdays 6:30 - 8:30 PM

April 6th - May 11th

Lancaster Ice Rink

$350 ($150 Deposit)

Twin Ponds Clinic 

3 Sessions Available, see form for details

Twin Ponds Puddle

Max 4 Goalies per session

$355 ($150 Deposit)

These six-week programs feature situation-based drills designed to challenge the goalies and enhance development and in-game performance. Each week will include one hour on the ice, along with either an off ice program, or video analysis, depending on the weather. Our off ice program is tailored specifically to goaltender's needs, and is designed to both enhance performance, and educate goaltenders on how they can grow away from the ice.

Each goaltender is grouped with others with similar needs, and each small group will follow a plan tailored to their individual needs, experience, and skill level. To register complete the form below.

** CANCELLATION POLICY: A minimum of 24-hour notice is required for the postponement or cancellation of any training session. Please respect our policy that students who do not show or cancel at the last minute are held responsible for the fee in full. This does not apply to anyone exhibiting COVID-19 related symptoms**

** Week 2 of the Wednesday Group will be 4:45 - 6:45 pm