Personalized Goaltender Specific Off-Ice Training

Goaltenders will consult with our Director of Performance regarding their off-ice goals. They will then receive a personalized program, along with a meeting to explain proper form and technique. This meeting can be virtual or in person. Workouts are designed utilizing the equipment available on hand for each individual, and are structured to increase strength, endurance, and mobility, while also decreasing the risk of injury.  Guidance on performance nutrition and  other healthy habits is also featured. 

$30 per 4 week Phase

Vizual Edge Personalized Vision Training Program

Goaltenders rely on their eyes more than any other body part, yet we often neglect their  training. For this reason, countless goalies, from the NHL all the way down to youth hockey, have turned to Vizual Edge.  Through this program, each individual has their vision evaluated, and then a program is developed to focus on weaknesses, much like we would do in the weight room. Training then takes about 15 minutes a day, three days a week, and has astounding effects that translate to the ice. 


Our goalies receive a $50 discount for the 6 Month program, but must use the link below.