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Game Video Review

$95 per game


Studying game film is an incredibly valuable tool in a goaltender's development. Often times, seeing the game from an alternate perspective allows for us to better grasp our own individual skill set, which in turns contributes to rapid development. Goaltenders are responsible for providing their own game film. Once the film is broken down, we will video-conference or meet in person to discuss the game, and any adjustments that they can make to accelerate their development.

One on One Zoom Classroom Session

$30 for 30 minute class

Goaltenders will go through an individualized set of game clips featuring goalies at the highest levels. These sessions will target developing a goalie's individual approach to in game strategy, as well as examining why various methods are good for certain goalies, and not others. Sessions are scheduled based on your availability, and are available on a first come, first serve basis. 

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