In response to the current conditions in the world, we are offer several at home training options. It is our goal to provide quality training options at an affordable price to ensure that all of our goalies are able to continue their development while we remain at home, regardless of any financial hardship their family may be seeing at this time.

Past Game Video Review

For goaltenders that have game film available from this past season, we are offering detailed review of their game tape. Seeing the game from this perspective allows us to work with the goalie on understanding their own individual skill set, helping to accelerate their growth. Goalies can choose to receive a written report, or to discuss their game via a video-conference.

Cost: $75 per game

*1 game included with camp registration

One on One Zoom Training Session

Goaltenders will go through an individualized set of game clips featuring goalies at the highest levels. These sessions will target developing a goalie's individual approach to in-game strategy, as well as examining why various methods are good for certain goalies and not others. Sessions are scheduled based around your own schedule, and are available on a first come first serve basis.

Price: $25 for 30 minute class

Vizual Edge Vision Training

Goaltenders rely on their eyes more than any other body part, yet we often neglect their  training. For this reason, countless goalies, from the NHL all the way down to youth hockey, have turned to Vizual Edge.  Through this program, each individual has their vision evaluated, and then a program is developed to focus on weaknesses, much like we would do in the weight room. Training then takes about 15 minutes a day, three days a week, and has astounding effects that translate to the ice. 


Our goalies receive a $50 discount for the 6 Month program, but must use the link below.

Virtual Goaltender Fitness Series

Goaltenders will receive access to a goaltender-specific series of workout videos. These workouts will be posted Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday of each week, and participants will follow the workout on their own schedule. Minimum equipment is required, and participation is on a week to week basis. Individual modifications are available upon request.

With rinks and gyms reopening, this program has been paused. We will resume next spring!